Whoever you’re gifting a piece of music to, they’re going to play it for friends and family. Talk about a great return on investment. It was certainly one of the best gifts I’ve ever been a part of.” - Ben

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I commissioned a song by Dan through his song shop as a Christmas gift for my grandmother. I met with Dan for about a half hour to talk about my relationship with my grandma and he created a beautiful song reflective of our special bond! While I wasn't able to spend the holiday season at home with my family this year, I was able to give a unique and meaningful gift that my entire family loves. I highly recommend Dan's musical talents if you're looking for a unique or special gift!” - Chelsey


Intimate Acoustic Song
  • Intimate Acoustic Song
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Perfect for those looking for a simple and intimate "stripped down" song.

Intimate Acoustic Song package includes: - One 30 minute co-writing session (via Google Meet/Zoom etc..) - A simple song arranged for guitar/piano and voice - Songs are written to be around 2 minutes in length - Receive a fully mixed/mastered MP3 recording

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Radio Deluxe Song
  • Radio Deluxe Song
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The sky is the limit! Let's make this sound unforgettable.

Deluxe Song Package includes: - One hour-long co-writing session (via Google Meet/Zoom etc.) - Recorded arrangement at minimum of drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals (additional instruments based on style of the song) - Songs are written to be around 3-4 minutes in length - Handwritten lyric sheet - Fully mixed and mastered MP3 - Worldwide distribution to streaming services (optional) - 50% ownership of the song (optional) - Record your own voice in your song (optional)

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We worked with Dan on a song through his “songshop” for Christmas. We created a song for my in-laws and not only did we have a ton of fun doing it, they loved it! It was the perfect, unique gift tailored to them. I definitely recommend this if you need a gift for someone special or just want to have a lot of fun with music!” - Carrie
I commissioned Dan to make a song for my friend's wedding. He wrote a short two minute song about their love and their wedding. The song turned out really well. My friends loved the thoughtful gift, and used it as the background for their wedding video. Overall very happy with how everything turned out. It still occasionally gets stuck in my head 2 years later.” - Shane
Fun, funky and dancey. The tracks are tight and concise packages of big sound and instrumentation and the production work is well executed. ”

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