Rock Holiday Shopping Is A Hit for Songwriter Who Records Personalized Tunes For Gifts. ” - John Lamb

Fargo Forum (2020)

Custom- created songs may be gift of a lifetime” - Lonna Whiting

Fargo Forum

Fargo home design studio hosts concerts for a cause” - Emma Vatnsdal

Fargo Forum (2020)

Grand Forks Teenager plays with Green Day” - Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks Herald (2009)

Wicked Bees,” a self-produced, full recording of maturity that confirms the adage that quality does not expect the number of years.” - Rude Boy Train (France)

Rude Boy Train (2013)

Ska-Skank mentioned they were in town recording their first album, which this reviewer is looking forward to owning so he can play it loud in the car while driving around town, hoping that some passersby get caught up in the infectious grooves from Fargo.” - MNSKA

MNSKA (2013)

Dan Christianson’s vocals are smooth and measured, and the rhyme schemes keep blowing me away, strangely enough. The rhymes are sing song, usually AABB or ABAB, but are never stretched or contrived. Every line flows perfectly, as though it were a casual conversation that just happened to rhyme. Lines like, “And she was raised right but keep her parents uptight, afraid that they might lose her on a late night” shine, instead of feeling like the writer was just stringing out words that rhyme and filling in the rest.” - Jamie Thul

Ska Lives (2013)