Evan Geiger


Evan Geiger is a producer, mixing engineer, bassist, and composer in Fargo. Originally from South Dakota, he attended Minnesota State University Moorhead and Lincoln University in the United Kingdom. He has played with and producing for several different musical acts, including Jessica Vines, Conor Lee, and Dan Christianson. Being familiar with producing and mixing music across genres, he enjoys helping other artists find sounds that inspire.

Andrew Ochoa


Andrew Ochoa was born and raised in Fargo, ND and always knew he wanted to play the drums. He started percussion in middle school and got his very first drum set in junior high and never stopped playing since. With influences such as Neil Peart (Rush), Tre Cool (Green Day), and The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold), he played in a rock band known as "Wasted Effort" and later with "The Ska-Skank Redemption" which played a range of shows all over the tri-state area. Though being a full-time electrician, Andrew still finds time to play and record music in his hometown with his latest project, the "Tumbleweed Radio Band".